Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time and time again

It seems no matter how well I seem to be at blogging and how on point I make it to blog every day or maybe just even once a week. After a while, I simply get caught up in work, friends, family etc. There comes a time where I simply just f.or.g.e.t.

Well, lets see where to's been several months since my last update...

And well, Bart and I have moved back to Hampton Roads area, and I honestly, couldn't be more happier!
I'll look back at old facebook posts , made this time last year, or even read some older blog posts I made while living there, but I can truly say I've never felt more on point in my life than right now. I feel like Bart and I are making a very responsible decision and have been living with his parents temporarily to save some money to put towards a house, pay off some debt, and try and get some things we wanted to before we move out/have kids. (tattoos, computers etc)
As tough as it may be from time to time living with his parents, not having out own space, privacy etc., I know it'll pay off in the end. I can't wait for it!

Spending a lot of time with the Nolette's and with Rose. It's become like my second home. Or shall I say third? Considering the home I am referring to now isn't mine....anyways. I can't believe how close we all have become. All of us have been friends for many years, but never have been this close before. I think we've all grown and matured so much, we seem to have similar goals and are just on the same page in general. I absolutely love going over there and hearing "HI MELISSA!, COME SIT ON THE COUCH WITH ME" from Joshua, and the ever-so-sweet "Sasa"(although most times sounds like "papa" )from Shiloh, while running up to my leg and giving me hugs. Those are the best kids and I genuinely love spending time over there.

Working has been an okay transition. I started off at Petsmart in NY, got a transfer to the one here closest to where I live and has been fine. Sure, it was hard not seeing the familiar faces I was used to see every day, and having to get used to all the different faces, and personalities and attitudes from the people here. But I think overall I've adjusted fairly well. My hours are not very good here, but I am making due. Its just a job at the end of the day. Nothing I need to take home with me and stress about.

This has gotten quite longer than I anticipated, so I'll try and wrap things up on a positive note. I simply am just so excited about what the next few months have to offer. The Spring, Summer, moving out, going to the beach with the kids, seeing Joshua excel in therapy, hearing Shiloh form full sentences, enjoying my time with Bart, looking for a place to live, decorating how I've always wanted,( and never have) getting my half sleeve done, getting a dog, taking weekend getaways ETC ETC.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's been hard keeping up with this again, I was doing really good for a while. I've just been so busy with work and tending house and church and most important my hubby! What stinks when you don't update weekly is that you tend to loose receipts for my picture and coupon savings. boo. so heres a picture i took maybe last week of my current "stock pile" goods that i simply have no room for. (on our record player ha) but, currently added to this: 6 garnier fructis products (as shown below in last pic) 4 old spice body wash and two herbal essesnce.

Buddy trying to help me organize my coupons lol

This ^ was tonight's shopping trip, my poor husband, I had four grocery/cvs lists planned out and he was so tired after work and I caved and we only went to King Kullen. My total before was $37 and I paid only $13 after. King Kullen is the only store that will double $1 coupons but they only let you use 5 at one time, (and no you can't separate your transactions , ideally I would plan our four separate transactions to use 20 one dollar coupons, but nope. They won't allow it) 

I've also been putting together a box to send overseas to our troops. A lady does this every month at church and this past Sunday she made an announcement and had a list of things they could use. I went to the dollar store yesterday to pick up some things, (candy, jello, beef jerky, pop tarts) but I will pick up a few other things probably tomorrow, or as late as Saturday. I was surprised to see that on the list WASN'T mentioned toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant etc, I wonder if the military already supplies that kind of stuff for them, they must I am sure. But it is fun putting all these things together that I suppose people aren't typically thinking of ( I know I wasn't) sort of like little extras, like the candy and beef jerky and sweetener and pain relievers/icy hot patches. It feels really good to be buying these things bc I have the money (and the coupons) and donate them, I just wish I could see the men and woman who receive my box and their reaction, thankful I'm sure, but it would be cool to actually see them and feel like I am really making a difference. That is all for now, my hubby is calling me away now because he made dinner, veggie burgers, corn and light potato chips!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Saturday! I have a hunch that I've been posting too much, but whats a blog anyways if you don't post as much as you please, right? So anyways, I worked a short day today and got off at 2 and relaxed and awaited the world ending womp womp. We went to King Kullen tonight to grab a few things, I have stumbled upon the fact they will double $1 coupons, the only store in New York! The catch is they limit you only five $1 coupons they will actually double, everything else will just scan as the face value, boo. So I planned my list ahead of time and have Bart and I check out separately, although I really wanted to make sure I wasn't trying to be sneaky and feel like I was cheating the system, the sign clearly states five coupons (the $1 ones they double, $.99 ones and below they double everyday with like a 20 max limit) per PERSON, not household. I used one wagon and simply gave Bart a few items with coupons and checked out. All in all with in store sales and coupons we saved about 60% and spent only $14 on the items I took a picture of. The balance was a bit more if you factor in that I bought three tomatoes, two boxes of morning star products (on sale, and if I had a working printer I probably could have printed a coupon), and picked up two 2 liter cokes on sale for $.89, but not by much.

  1.  1 box DiGirono four cheese pizza (small)
  2. 2 boxes of Unlce Bens original rice
  3. 4 half gallons of Turkey Hill tea/lemonade 
  4. 2 boxes of Chex Mix cereal
  5. 1 2000 flushes toilet cleaner
  6. 1 Naturally Delicious bbq sauce
  7. 2 boxes of Ronzoni Garden delight pasta
  8. 1 (dozen) carton of eggs

 I'm pretty excited about this trip, but I think I'll stick to Shop Rite or Stop and Shop, although King Kullen will double $1 coupons, the other stores sales are always much better. I think tomorrow I'll make a stop at Shop Rite, it's super close to the house and I can turn my recycling in before hand and put it towards our shop. On the way home we stopped by McDonalds to pick up our free frozen strawberry lemonades, I still have one coupon left along with a few $1 off the frappes they have, yum! I'm  having the girls from work come over tomorrow night for some drinks, snacks and a movie. So excited! Also, feel free to comment me guys, I like feedback from people so I fee like I'm not talking to the wall (which on most days you may catch me talking to myself) :P

Friday, May 20, 2011

This week has went by so fast!

Sunday, well Monday morning Wade and Britney arrived. (around 4am) Later that afternoon Bart and I took them to Deninos to get some lunch and basically just hung out at home. The rain ruined their opportunity to go into the city to get their promo shots done, so the guys just made some music and the girls  drank some skinny girl margaritas mmm, and watched all my girly dvr shows Bart never allows me to watch with him. We went to the mall for dinner at a sushi / Japanese place where I am now addicted to sweet potato rolls and Sapporo! We got some coffee and window shopped afterwords and before heading home we went to a local burrito bar and had a night cap hehe.
Tuesday morning we all woke early and headed into the city. Britneys uncle works at the Sirius radio studio so we were able to go and get a tour. Although we didn't get to meet or see any famous people, unless you consider Obie and Anthony famous lol. It was pretty cool, I think the guys got to enjoy it more, seeing all the studio equipment and instruments and all the autographs. I think the view was the most enjoyable for myself.  We all went to lunch after with her Uncle at this AMAZING Turkish restauratnt. It was so delicious I ate the hummus with just a fork, no bread or chip. ha! We walked the city and stumbled upon this shaving place called "The Art of shaving" Wade got a straight blade shave and he and Bart both bought starter kits, and I got the womans shave cream. Basically walked more and more, came home showered and they left. Worked the rest of the week got some more free dry and wet cat food, going to the grocery store tomorrow to use up my 5/21 coupons and get this weeks sale.

I made some beer bread tonight after dinner! It's still cooling now, but boy does it smell yummy. :)
Have a good weekend everyone , will post more if I get some good deals tomorrow.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I got the sweetest deal tonight on dog and cat food tonight at work. We introduced a new line of pet food last week Simply Nourish and received FREE one dry and wet food for dog AND cat. An estimated $30 value, all for ZERO dollars :) It is very good quality, one of those organic, natural foods. Lilly and Buddy seem to love the wet stuff, looks just like real human stew, didn't smell yucky like most canned food either.

Later tonight, well rather tomorrow morning (around 1am) Wade and Britany will be here. I'm excited about going into the city tomorrow and having the next two days off. My wonderful husband got me two newspapers today and a People magazine (which I had a coupon for) which also included a few coupons as well! I am browsing circulars now, hoping to maximize my savings, although I am feeling quite tired at the moment. This may have to wait until tomorrow, or the next day. I get discouraged sometimes because I seem to have SO many coupons, and don't seem to find much on sale, what do you guys do? Any tricks of the trade?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I am tuckered! I cleaned every room in the house, along with moped all the floors (including the stairs) and am on my final load of wash. I managed to do a quick grocery shop, where I saved $40, and prepared a yummy salad for a light dinner. Bart and I are now watching the Yankees/Boston game, rooting for opposite teams :) I think I will sleep well tonight, working all day tomorrow (10-7) but thankful for Monday and Tuesday off with my babe and friends. Well, two posts in one day is enough me thinks, have a good weekend all.

My day off after working ten hours the night before and I am up with plenty of energy (thanks to my dark magic k cups) and I can't seem to figure out where to begin! I am  VERY displeased to find out that one of my grocery stores weekly sales ended yesterday! I had some great coupons to go with some of the items on sale, including FREE Tide Stain Release, $2 Febreze starter kits and $1 Glade solid air fresheners. Errr, I suppose I need to read carefully the start/end dates. On a better note, I managed to score a (orginially) $5 PawSafe floor cleaner last night at work for $.35 thanks to a coupon I spotted while closing :) I absolutely recommend these products for parents &/or pet parents. You can feel assured that your baby and pets won't get sick after moping the floor or cleaning off their toys, and they smell great!

I have tons of cleaning and laundry to do today before Wade & Britney come in town tomorrow. I have to hit up our local recycling center to drop off some cardboard and bottles and go to the grocery store.  I was also planning on a quick trip to the mall to get my husbands hair cut and go to Victorias Secret to use my $10 off any purchase coupon. Free body spray sounds good to me :)